Diverse. Competent. Professional. Effective.

Who we are

We are a network of currently ~ 45 coaches from Germany and Switzerland. Our network was brought to life by  Silvia Richter-Kaupp in 2012 - with the intention of helping people who are looking for support meet ethically responsible and competent coaches. We are united by our commitment to high ethical standards and continuous personal growth as well as a globally recognized ICF-accredited coaching training. In our menu item Members you will get a first impression of the 'treasures' you can raise through our network. 

What we do

We strive to grow as a coach and as a person and support each other through face-to-face meetings and with the help of a virtual collaboration platform - with the aim of mutually learning from each other: through mentor coaching and collegial supervision, sharing knowledge and experiences, exchange of ideas and tools and even more. As full-time or part-time coaches, we support individuals and work teams in communication, (self-)leadership and strategy questions. If you use us as a coach pool, you will get access to a concentrated amount of life-,  work- and management experience 'from a single source'.

How we work

We are quality and value-conscious and seriously interested in the well-being and benefit of our customers. Our motto is "What's best for my client?" (and NOT "What's best for my Purse?"). Our work is based on the standards of the ICF - the largest and oldest coaching association in the world. For us, coaching is not primarily a method or a set of techniques, but an inner attitude that is characterized by the fact that we connect with other people in a benevolent and present way and that we consciously put aside, what we know, to be surprised by the solutions that are found in the joint interaction.

We love, what we do and look forward to hearing from you!


For us, the essence of coaching is to engage with other people in a benevolent, appreciative and present manner and to give them the space they need, so that they can find solutions to their issues, that suit them. We strive to challenge ourselves again and again and we are cooperative and sincere in our dealings.


If you are curious and you want to know more, you can find further information about us and our offer on the following pages. Or you can contact our initiator and network operator Silvia Richter-Kaupp directly by phone +49 721 9 37 48 10 or by email to kontakt@coachcommunity.de.