About us

We are a network of currently > 40 professional business coaches with a concentrated amount of professional,  leadership and life experience. In 2012 we came together in the CoachCommunity, because we want to contribute to the fact that people, who are looking for coaching support, meet ethically responsible and competent coaches, who support them so well with their topics that they can say afterwards from the bottom of their hearts "it was totally worth it that i did it". In order to live up to this claim, we are guided by the professional and ethical standards of the ICF - the world's largest and oldest coaching association - and are committed to continuous personal and professional development.


For quality assurance, we train regularly on the topics relevant for coaching and we support each other through peer supervision and mentor coaching. Although we partially live far away from each other, we meet in person several times a year to learn from each other, to strengthen our self-management and relationship skills and to further improve our coaching skills. At our meetings, we not only exchange experiences, but also share new methods, working approaches, technical articles and research results with each other, discuss specific cases from our practice (anonymously, of course) and give each other feedback on small coaching sequences.