Culture Coaches

Claudia Blacha

Business Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator & Systemic Consultant

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Born in 1965, lives in Bern/Switzerland, working languages: German and English

Music pedagogue (M.A.), business coach (IHK), systemic consultant for organizational development and change management, certified coach for expressive arts; 20 years employed in knowledge management in publishing and IT industry; since 2015 self-employed as a business coach, specialized in art and expression-oriented methods in individual coaching and groups

Milon Gupta

Strategy Coach & Consultant

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Born in 1965, lives in Neckargemünd, working languages: German and English

Economic historian (M.A. Ruhr-Uni Bochum), business coach (IHK), behavioral trainer (Dr. Baldinger & Partner), author ('The seven principles of success of chess champions' / Springer Gabler); marketing manager of a consulting company in the high-tech sector; at the same time freelance strategy coach since 2012;

Focus: decision-making processes

Peter Hayward, MCC

Leadership & Team Coach

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Born in 1968, lives in Munich, working languages: German & English

I was born in UK. From a very early age I came into contact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and dealt with both, the similarities and the differences in their worldview. I'm convinced that it is people, who make organizations successful. As a certified coach, mentor and trainer with over 20 years of experience, I coach in professional development, organizational transformation and accompany teams through change processes. I'm currently employed at Intel, as a global facilitation leader, designing and implementing the company's coaching program.

Marliese Iselin

Coach, Organizational Consultant, Gerontologist

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Best Ager, living in Teningen (South Baden), working language German

Gerontologist (FH), business coach (IHK), REFA teacher and organizer; further training in mediation, quality management, work and personnel organization, systemic coaching, biography work; self-employed since 1983, before that 12 years in a management position in service management; 15 years of development and implementation of specialist seminars as a member of the REFA specialist committee; teaching activity in vocational education

Antonija Ivkovic 

Holistic Healing Coach

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Born in 1984, lives in Gernsbach, working languages: German, English, Croatian, Bosnian

Holistic Business Coach IHK, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Writing Therapist, Somatic Practice Neuro Safety Spaceholder, RTH Foundation Cert. in Hypnotherapy, Human Design Coach, M.A. English Studies and Philosophy. Professional: Coach, integration manager, manager. Private: you can find me by the sea with a book in my hand and my feet in the sand. Coaching focus: inner and energetic healing, body-mind-soul balance, personal growth, change and increase in awareness through dream-sensitive & holistic methods, trauma and identity, thought and behavior patterns, migration and integration. Motto: The only constant is change.

Wolfgang Kreisz


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Born in 1962, lives in Tübingen, working languages German and English

Graduate engineer (GB), graduate lawyer, certified systemic coach and business coach, communication trainer; trainer and coach for (new and junior) managers in smaller SMEs / Trade, GAK personnel development, GAK employee management, GAK team vitalizing, corporate coaching

Daniela Kunkel

Systemic consulting and business coaching - creative thinking

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Born in 1963, lives in Berlin, working languages: German, English

Graduate in communications from the Berlin University of the Arts, systemic consulting at the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau Consulting and coaching as a part-time job, employed as a communication trainer and coach in the health sector. Many years of experience in the cultural and creative industries, in the automotive industry, administration and science. Enthusiasm for art, communication, design and creativity. Focus: Systemic support of change processes, transition coaching, development of potential, further development for cultural workers

Masoumeh Saki-Bohlender, ACC

Business Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German & Persian

Graduate industrial engineer at the University of Karlsruhe, business coach (IHK); enthusiastically working as a coach since 2018 ;) - before that 10 years working in IT (development, quality management, project management)

Anke Thomas

Coach for personality development & mindfulness, organizational and team coach

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Born in 1973, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, English, Italian

Business Coach (IHK); FIRO-B Coach; The Work Coach; mindfulness coach; Coaching focus: personality development & mindfulness;

14 years of experience in management & project management; People, team and culture developer with all my heart, in the group for 8 years and as a freelance coach. I appreciate the individuality of each and everyone as the most important resource.

Motto: Be changeable AND show your colors.