Leadership Coaches

Florian Bente, ACC

Business Coach & Team-Developer

Internet www.yoursummit.de Email florian@yoursummit.de

Born in 1973, lives in Munich, working languages: German, English, Portuguese

Business Coach (IHK) in a part-time job with a focus on systemic coaching, potential development of teams, executives, experts, start-ups and career/ new starters, self-leadership, managing stress and conflicts, developing a balanced mindset; certified LPP (Personality Profiler) Coach, working full-time as a consultant, coach and long-time manager in the supply chain management of a multinational technology group in Munich; passionate alpinist and mountaineering trainer (DAV/DOSB)

Jan Breitling, ACC

Personal & Business Coach

Internet www.breitling-coaching.de Email kontakt@breitling-coaching.de

Born in 1975, lives in Gerlingen, working languages: German and English

Part-time role as a coach; employed full-time as an enthusiastic manager and project manager at a global market leader in mobility industry; graduate industrial engineer, business coach (IHK), project management professional (PMI). What inspires me: to support (prospective) managers on their way into coherent attitude and solutions, to develop teams into 'performing teams', to work as a trainer at the UCN. Coaching focus: management development, personality development, designing change processes, using non-violent communication, developing mindfulness.

Amaury Eber

Agile Business Coach

Internet www.amauryeber.com Email mail@amauryeber.com

Generation X, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German and English

Self-employed agile coach in the field of digital product development with a focus on team development, leadership, communication, potential development of executives and team members. Convinced agilist, scrum and OKR master, advocate of nonviolent communication, systemic solution-focused coach. Private: Nature and animal photographer, hobby pianist, trainer for Southeast Asian martial arts, further education junkie, motto: If you want, you will find a way!

Corinna Frauenfeld, PCC

Personal Coach

Internet www.corinnafrauenfeld.com Email hallo@corinnafrauenfeld.com

Born in 1981, lives in Sandhausen, working languages: German, English

Industrial economist, business coach, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; coach & trainer Transformation / reorientation, internal. professional experience in global purchasing & project management, as an alliance manager, in process and change management, board officer, management of virtual teams; freelance coach; Coaching focus: personal growth, (self)leadership, change processes, inner work

Milon Gupta

Strategie-Coach & Consultant

Internet www.strategicthinking.eu Email info@strategicthinking.eu

Born in 1965, lives in Neckargemünd, working languages: German and English

Economic historian (M.A. Ruhr-Uni Bochum), business coach (IHK), behavioral trainer (Dr. Baldinger & Partner), author ('The seven principles of success of chess champions' / Springer Gabler); marketing manager of a consulting company in the high-tech sector; at the same time freelance Strategy Coach since 2012;

Focus: decision-making processes

Edeltraud Heer-Habitzreither

Business Coach & Consultant

Email e.h.habitzreither@gmail.com

Born in 1961, lives in Karlsbad, working languages: German & English

Graduate and bank clerk, business coach (IHK); working full-time as a program manager for a global player with the main tasks of coordinating and advising projects, process support, moderation; part-time business coach; Motto: practical & pragmatic!

Peter Hayward, MCC

Leadership & Team Coach

Internet www.baldcoach.com Email peter@baldcoach.com

Born in 1968, lives in Munich, working languages: German & English

I was born in UK. From a very early age I came into contact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and dealt with both, the similarities and the differences in their worldview. I'm convinced that it is people, who make organizations successful. As a certified coach, mentor and trainer with over 20 years of experience, I coach in professional development, organizational transformation and accompany teams through change processes. I'm currently employed at Intel, as a global facilitation leader, designing and implementing the company's coaching program.

Anna-Lena Kimmig, ACC

Business Coach

Internet www.anna-lena-kimmig-coaching.de Email anna-lena.kimmig@gmx.de

Born in 1985, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, English
Business coach IHK, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; Part-time self-employed as a business coach, full-time as a consultant (Global Mobility); Executive, skier, runner, bookworm, travel enthusiast, adventurous; but sometimes also moody, lazy, stubborn and foremost 'just' human. Coaching focus: a wish for change, that comes to the surface in a professional context, but can also be of private nature.

Wolfgang Kreisz


Internet www.come-coaching.de Email cc-info@come-coaching.de

Born in 1962, lives in Tübingen, working languages German and English

Graduate engineer (GB), graduate lawyer, certified systemic coach and business coach, communication trainer; trainer and coach for (new and junior) managers in smaller SMEs / trade, GAK personnel development, GAK employee management, GAK team vitalizing, corporate coaching

Carina Kunz

Business Coach

Internet www.vom-suchen-zum-finden.de Email hallo@vom-suchen-zum-finden.de

Born in 1985, lives in Malsch (near Karlsruhe), working languages: German, English

Part-time business coach (IHK) and head of training & further education in my main job. Human Resources executive with experience in industries such as food manufacturing, retail, engineering and IT. No matter what you are looking for, I want to help you finding 'it'. Whether this is your dream job or your strengths, the handle for a certain situation or a blockade - professionally and privately. I'll support you in your search and help you to reach your goal faster.

Dr. Hartmut Mueller

Personalberater & Leadership Coach

Internet www.rochusmummert.com Email hartmut.mueller@rochusmummert.com

Born in 1964, lives in Stuttgart, working languages: German and English

Studied business administration and pedagogy with subsequent research in personnel and organizational development, business coach IHK, member of the ICF. Many years of experience in PE & OE as well as in the management of national and international companies. In executive search since 2008 and part-time coach since 2022. Focus: Management development and identification of potential, implementation of management audits, professional reorientation: Motto: I always want the best and that's why I give my best. (Erich J Lejeune)

Mareike Rausch

Leadership & Team Coach

Email coach@mareikerausch.de

Born in 1985, lives in Karlsruhe Durlach, working languages: German & English

Master in education (M.A.), business coach IHK, team management system (TMS) trainer, experiential educator & ICF member; experience in team and individual coaching, collegial case management and implementation of leadership training indoors and outdoors; lecturer at the PH Weingarten and freelance coach, before that 9 years as a project manager and consultant for team and executive development

Silvia Richter-Kaupp, MCC

Holistic Business Coach & Coach Trainer

Internet www.richter-kaupp.de Email silvia@richter-kaupp.de

Born in 1967, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German and English

Diploma business administration FH, master certified coach (ICF), certified trainer for nonviolent communication, ThetaHealing instructor, mediator, therapist for integrated solution-oriented psychology, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; since 1997 self-employed as a coach, trainer and mediator, before that 11 years employed in sales and as HR manager; since 2006 lecturer at KIT and since 2008 trainer for business coaches; book author ('Business Coaching' / GABAL)

Nadine Schwarz, PCC

Transformation & Development of Potential

Internet www.dietransformerin.de Email nadine.schwarz@dietransformerin.de

Born 1984, lives in Rastatt, working languages: German and English

Self-employed as a transformation coach for teams and individuals, especially in corporations; Speaker for topics in the field of potential development, self-management and woman empowerment; several years of experience as a classic project manager and agile coach in large corporations; also passionate fitness trainer and salsa dancer; Coaching focus: team development, change processes, personality development

Anke Thomas

Coach for personality development & mindfulness, organizational and team coach

Internet www.at-change.de Email coaching@at-change.de

Born in 1973, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, English, Italian

Business Coach (IHK); FIRO-B Coach; The Work Coach; mindfulness coach; Coaching focus: personality development & mindfulness;

14 years of experience in management & project management; People, team and culture developer with all my heart, in the group for 8 years and as a freelance coach. I appreciate the individuality of each and everyone as the most important resource.

Motto: Be changeable AND show your colors.

Monika von Manteuffel, ACC

Business Coach & Trainer

Internet www.monika-von-manteuffel.de Email monika.manteuffel@gmx.de

Born in 1982, lives in Ettlingen, working languages: German and English

Part-time self-employed as a business coach, full-time employed as a career & talent consultant in Human Resources management at an international IT and consulting company; Trainer at UCN; Degree in business administration in European Business Administration (EBS), business coach IHK. Coaching focus: personality development, management development and team development, change processes, conflicts, communication and cooperation

Ulrike Weida

Business & Personal Coach for entrepreneurs and executives, conflict and change management

Internet www.businessmentorin.com Email ulrike.weida@businessmentorin.com

Born in 1965, lives in Pforzheim, working languages: German and English. Business economist, mediator (DFfM), business coach (IHK; ICF). I am very familiar with the challenges of entrepreneurs and executives: I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, > 20 years intern. top management in IT, management of intern. multicultural teams, remote management. Self-employed as an interim manager, with a focus on management coach, business mentor. Focus: Confident handling of pressure & conflict situations, improvement of social and management skills, overcoming performance-, creativity- and motivational blocks, mastering transformation projects and change processes, supporting introduction of new corporate culture, identifying and addressing opportunities and risks for companies, improving competitiveness

Christina Wenskus

Personal Coach 

Internet www.christina-wenskus.de Email mail@christina-wenskus.de

Born in 1990, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German

Business Coach (IHK) and hypnosis coach, part-time self-employed as a personal coach, full-time as a manager in insurance sales, private: bookworm and further education junkie, close to nature and fond of animals, coaching focus: decision-making, reorientation both professionally and privately, letting go of blockages, fears and beliefs and overcome. My motto: You already know the solution, you just don't know it yet.