Business Coaches

Christine Bandt

Business & Mental Coach, Theta Course Instructor, Kabbalist

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Born in 1967, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, French, English

Originally an interpreter and now mainly working as a coach (IHK), seminar leader and lecturer; partly active as senior staff in agile management and self-employed with an own seminar and coaching space; enjoys working with people, in groups and/or online.

Florian Bente, ACC

Business Coach & Team-Developer

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Born in 1973, lives in Munich, working languages: German, English, Portuguese

Business Coach (IHK) in a part-time job with a focus on systemic coaching, potential development of teams, executives, experts, start-ups and career/ new starters, self-leadership, managing stress and conflicts, developing a balanced mindset; certified LPP (Personality Profiler) Coach, working full-time as a consultant, coach and long-time manager in the supply chain management of a multinational technology group in Munich; passionate alpinist and mountaineering trainer (DAV/DOSB)

Sabine Bergmeier

Business Coach for change processes

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Born in 1977, lives in Weingarten (Baden), working language: German

Part-time self-employed as a business coach (IHK), full-time employed for many years, HR department, employee support, personnel development, management training; Coaching personally & gladly outdoors, if you also like being in nature; I am active in sports and open to new things and have a wide range of interests; Coaching focus: professional/private change requests, conflicts at work, next career step in sight - but you still feel in the fog, but feel like active and courageous change, then I would be happy to accompany you on your journey with distant vision - clarity - perspective; Motto: You can't change the wind, but you can set the sails differently.

Christian Braumandl

Intellectual Asset Management Expert

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Born in 1981, lives in Jockgrim (Rhineland-Palatinate), working language: German

Bank clerk, business economist (IHK), project manager (IHK), certified life Kinetik trainer; certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; professional business coach; employed in the customer area at a bank, since 2013 self-employed as a part-time coach and trainer

Gerold Braun

Sales Coach

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Born in 1959, lives in Böchingen (Palatinate), working languages: German and English

Graduate mathematician, metal worker; since 2000 self-employed as a consultant, trainer, coach in sales and direct marketing; before that managing director, marketing manager and technical sales in large corporations and medium-sized companies; Technical book author at Gabler and GABAL; since 2008 co-trainer for business coaches (focus: marketing yourself and win clients)

Jan Breitling, ACC

Personal & Business Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Gerlingen, working languages: German and English

Part-time role as a coach; employed full-time as an enthusiastic manager and project manager at a global market leader in mobility industry; Graduate industrial engineer, business coach (IHK), project management professional (PMI). What inspires me: to support (future) managers, on their way into a coherent attitude and solutions, to develop teams into 'performing teams', to work as a trainer at the UCN. Coaching focus: management development, personality development, designing change processes, using non-violent communication, developing mindfulness.

Udo Brunner

Values - Dignity - Change

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Born in 1961, lives in Bruchsal, working language: German

Business coach IHK, CNVC certified trainer for nonviolent communication, mediator, certified scrum master, quality manager, project manager, auditor, mechanical engineer; since 2010 self-employed as a business coach, trainer, lecturer, consultant and mediator in daycare centers, schools, companies, organizations, authorities; before that 30 years employed in mechanical engineering - 13 years in management positions as quality and project manager and department head. Living and working with dignity on the basis of values and needs, allowing, promoting and being this change - that's what I call change.

Nicole Gerstner

Conflict Management Coach

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Born in 1973, lives in Ettlingen, working languages: German and English

Business economist (VWA), business coach (IHK), business mediation practitioner; many years of marketing and sales experience in international companies; more than 10 years of management experience, also with intercultural teams; since 2018 working as a coach and trainer for conflict management; Coaching focus: Dealing with conflicts in the professional environment, conflict management

Amaury Eber

Agile Business Coach

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Generation X, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German and English

Self-employed agile coach in the field of digital product development with a focus on team development, leadership, communication, potential development of executives and team members. Convinced agilist, scrum and OKR master, advocate of nonviolent communication, systemic solution-focused coach. Private: Nature and animal photographer, hobby pianist, trainer for Southeast Asian martial arts, further education junkie, motto: If you want, you will find a way!

Carola Theodora Glaser

Life- & Business Coach, Communication Trainer


Born in 1968, living near Neuwied/ Koblenz, working languages: German, English

Diploma social pedagogue, Master of Arts (M.A.) education and media; eEducation, seminar leader, communication trainer, examiner, auditor (personnel development & qualification), business coach IHK. Since June 2021 self-employed as a systemic coach and communication trainer for (fellow) people in life & business. Coaching and seminars with a retreat atmosphere; Change of perspective with ease. Motto: heart over head together on the way from desire to goal! Training & coaching in presence & online, indoor & outdoor

Milon Gupta

Strategy Coach & Consultant

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Born in 1965, lives in Neckargemünd, working languages: German and English

Economic historian (M.A. Ruhr-Uni Bochum), business coach (IHK), behavioral trainer (Dr. Baldinger & Partner), author ('The seven principles of success of chess champions' / Springer Gabler); marketing manager of a consulting company in the high-tech sector; at the same time freelance strategy coach since 2012; Focus: decision-making processes

Edeltraud Heer-Habitzreither

Business Coach & Consultant


Born in 1961, lives in Karlsbad, working languages: German & English

Graduate and bank clerk, business coach (IHK); working full-time as a program manager for a global player with the main tasks of coordinating and advising projects, process support, moderation; part-time business coach; Motto: practical & pragmatic!

Sara Hoolachan

Coaching & Communication

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Born in 1986, lives in Stuttgart, working languages: German, English, Italian, Dutch

Master of Arts (M.A.) in personal & general management (DHBW), business coach IHK, communication trainer; many years of experience in international corporations in personnel and organizational development, training management, HR business partner, management & team development, implementation of transformation processes; part-time business coach and communication trainer. My passion is the development of people, teams and organizations. I support people in recognizing their potential, developing it and using it successfully.

Ellen Hornung, ACC

Leadership & Team Coach, Communication & Change Consultant, Moderator

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Born in 1978, lives in Stutensee, working languages: German, English, Dutch

International business management & European studies, business coach (IHK); since 2019 self-employed as a process consultant, moderator and coach for teams and individuals in large international corporations; several years of experience in international marketing, organizational development and project and process consulting in an intercultural environment in large international corporations; Experience abroad in Belgium and the USA; Focus: Team and leadership development, change processes, communication and collaboration.

Ramin Hummel, PCC

Business Coach & Consultant, Strategy & Communication Expert

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Born in 1966, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages German and English

Bank apprenticeship and law studies, business coach (IHK); since 2016 freelance coach and consultant, intensive consultant Cyberforum, honorary lecturer Bildungsakademie Karlsruhe; previously senior positions in corporate development, marketing and communications, including 6 years in the USA and Malta; Focus of work: personal and professional development of potential, change processes; Motto: There is always a way!

Ralf Kallenborn

Expert for finding meaning and reorientation at the end of your career

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Born in 1960, lives in Recklinghausen, working language German

Business administration diploma (FH), business coach (IHK), LifeCruise-Coach; Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); certified stress management and mindfulness trainer, meditation teacher; compliance manager in passive early retirement; part-time coach and trainer since 2018; Coaching focus: finding meaning / finding the way of the heart, change processes & mindfulness

Daniela Kunkel

Systemic consulting and business coaching - creative thinking

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Born in 1963, lives in Berlin, working languages: German, English

Graduate in communications from the Berlin University of the Arts, systemic consulting at the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau Consulting and coaching as a part-time job, employed as a communication trainer and coach in the health sector. Many years of experience in the cultural and creative industries, in the automotive industry, administration and science. Enthusiasm for art, communication, design and creativity. Focus: Systemic support of change processes, transition coaching, development of potential, further development for cultural workers

Ute Linder

Bank Clerk & Business Coach

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Born in 1979, lives in Stutensee, working language: German

Banking specialist (IHK), trainer aptitude examination (IHK), business coach (IHK), Master of Arts in business coaching and change management; employed as a corporate customer advisor in a cooperative bank; since 2011 also self-employed as a business coach with a focus on change processes, stress management, relaxation techniques

Volker Molthan



Born in 1960, lives in Königsbach-Stein, working language: German

Graduate economist with a second degree in environmental sciences, controller diploma, safety specialist, health manager, business coach (IHK); 25 years of professional experience in the areas of controlling, accounting and finance; for 10 years safety specialist, environmental, waste and hazardous substances officer as well as political consulting / lobbying and association work in an international industrial company; honorary tasks in nature and environmental protection, political and NGO association work, management of children's groups and children's holiday programs and the care of refugees

Dr. Hartmut Mueller

Personalberater & Leadership Coach

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Born in 1964, lives in Stuttgart, working languages: German and English

Studied business administration and pedagogy with subsequent research in personnel and organizational development, business coach IHK, member of the ICF. Many years of experience in PE & OE as well as in the management of national and international companies. In executive search since 2008 and part-time coach since 2022. Focus: Management development and identification of potential, implementation of management audits, professional reorientation: Motto: I always want the best and that's why I give my best. (Erich J Lejeune)

Katja Pernesch

Coach for Stress Management and Change Processes

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Born in 1972, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German

Graduate designer (FH), business coach (IHK); member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); stress management trainer and mindfulness trainer for meditation and stress management; organization and management of a medium-sized company for 6 years; since 2015 also coach in own practice; before that 11 years in the IT industry; initially 7 years self-employed as a jewelry designer; many years of experience in the areas of business management, personnel and training management

Yvonne Schmitz

IHK Business Coach, certified Mediator

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Born in 1971, lives in Speyer, working languages: German and English

Industrial clerk, business graduate, business coach IHK, certified mediator, further training in facereading and ThetaHealing®; professional experience in marketing, licensing, communication and negotiation in large companies; Since 2017 self-employed as a coach, mediator and trainer. Focus: empowerment, recognizing your own strengths and finding your way; recognizing and solving conflicts in teams; design of change processes. I am enthusiastic about working out clarity and solutions with my clients - for more ease in life!

Axel Tams

Personal & Business Coach


Born in 1969, lives in Lengnau AG/Switzerland, working language: German an English
Main job is a key account manager in the field of renewable energies, part-time job as a coach to support an increase of life energy. I help to open up new life energy sources and to eliminate sinks. The coaching can also take place outdoors while moving around.

Ulrike Weida

Business & Personal Coach for entrepreneurs and executives, conflict and change management

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Born in 1965, lives in Pforzheim, working languages: German and English. Business economist, mediator (DFfM), business coach (IHK; ICF). I am very familiar with the challenges of entrepreneurs and executives: I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, > 20 years intern. top management in IT, management of intern. multicultural teams, remote management. Self-employed as an interim manager, with a focus on management coach, business mentor. Focus: Confident handling of pressure & conflict situations, improvement of social and management skills, overcoming performance-, creativity- and motivational blocks, mastering transformation projects and change processes, supporting introduction of new corporate culture, identifying and addressing opportunities and risks for companies, improving competitiveness

Dr. Helmut Wächter

Coach & Moderator


Born in 1963, lives in Stuttgart and Neustadt/Weinstrasse, working languages: German, English

Certified business coach (IHK), computer scientist and business economist (University of Stuttgart), voluntary pastor (KESS); many years of experience as a project manager and IT architect for a world market leader as well as in design thinking and strategy development in the non-profit sector; Passion: Coaching teams, moderating workshops, listening to & playing music; Motto: master professional and private challenges more confidently