Business Coaches

Florian Bente, ACC

Business Coach & Team-Developer

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Born in 1973, lives in Munich, working languages: German, English, Portuguese

Business Coach (IHK) in a part-time job with a focus on systemic coaching, potential development of teams, executives, experts, start-ups and career/ new starters, self-leadership, managing stress and conflicts, developing a balanced mindset; certified LPP (Personality Profiler) Coach, working full-time as a consultant, coach and long-time manager in the supply chain management of a multinational technology group in Munich; passionate alpinist and mountaineering trainer (DAV/DOSB)

Jan Breitling, ACC

Personal & Business Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Gerlingen, working languages: German and English

Part-time role as a coach; employed full-time as an enthusiastic manager and project manager at a global market leader in mobility industry; Graduate industrial engineer, business coach (IHK), project management professional (PMI). What inspires me: to support (future) managers, on their way into a coherent attitude and solutions, to develop teams into 'performing teams', to work as a trainer at the UCN. Coaching focus: management development, personality development, designing change processes, using non-violent communication, developing mindfulness.

Dr. Wolfgang Bruns (ACC)

Lawyer & Business Coach 

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Lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German

I help people in professional crises. As a lawyer, specialist lawyer for labor law and specialist lawyer for medical law. But also as a coach.

If you want to stop swimming in the problem lake, I support you in discovering new solutions and finding new ways. I believe that you can change if you want to. And I will help you to do so.

Nicole Gerstner, ACC

Individual and Team Coach for crisis management & conflict resolution

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Born in 1973, lives in Ötigheim, working languages: German, English

Business economist (VWA), business coach (IHK), business mediation practitioner; certified Bullying Management Coach, cert. Bullying Officer, cert. LPP (Personality Profiler) Coach, cert. LifeCruise-Navi® Coach, cert. Trainer (DVCT), Change Manager, Business Moderator; Professional Experience: Extensive marketing and sales experience in internationally operating companies, over 10 years of leadership experience, including with intercultural teams; Experience in individual coaching, team coaching, team workshops, and future workshops; Independent coach and trainer for self-leadership since 2019, with a focus on crisis management, conflict resolution, and communication.

Amaury Eber, ACC

Agile Business Coach

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Generation X, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German and English

Self-employed agile coach in the field of digital product development with a focus on team development, leadership, communication, potential development of executives and team members. Convinced agilist, scrum and OKR master, advocate of nonviolent communication, systemic solution-focused coach. Private: Nature and animal photographer, hobby pianist, trainer for Southeast Asian martial arts, further education junkie, motto: If you want, you will find a way!

Ellen Hornung, PCC

Leadership & Team Coach, Communication & Change Consultant, Moderator

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Born in 1978, lives in Stutensee, working languages: German, English, Dutch

International business management & European studies, business coach (IHK); since 2019 self-employed as a process consultant, moderator and coach for teams and individuals in large international corporations; several years of experience in international marketing, organizational development and project and process consulting in an intercultural environment in large international corporations; Experience abroad in Belgium and the USA; Focus: Team and leadership development, change processes, communication and collaboration.

Ramin Hummel, PCC

Business Coach & Consultant, Strategy & Communication Expert

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Born in 1966, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages German and English

Bank apprenticeship and law studies, business coach (IHK); since 2016 freelance coach and consultant, intensive consultant Cyberforum, honorary lecturer Bildungsakademie Karlsruhe; previously senior positions in corporate development, marketing and communications, including 6 years in the USA and Malta; Focus of work: personal and professional development of potential, change processes; Motto: There is always a way!

Torsten Schmidt, ACC

Business- and Life-Coach (touched, inspired, accompanied)

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Born in 1977, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German

Dipl.-Ing. (Electrical engineering), business coach (IHK, ICF ACC) in a part-time job with a focus on: personal and professional potential development, personality and team development, cooperation, decision-making, burn-out prevention, transformation processes, joie de vivre and lightness through mindfulness, individual - and team coaching. Working full-time in an international energy company as a transformation facilitator (NewWork), coach and facilitator. Motto: The power is in you! Let them go and go your way full of joy and lightness every day, more and more!

Dr. Helmut Wächter, ACC

Coach & Moderator


Born in 1963, lives in Stuttgart and Neustadt/Weinstrasse, working languages: German, English

Certified business coach (IHK), computer scientist and business economist (University of Stuttgart), voluntary pastor (KESS); many years of experience as a project manager and IT architect for a world market leader as well as in design thinking and strategy development in the non-profit sector; Passion: Coaching teams, moderating workshops, listening to & playing music; Motto: master professional and private challenges more confidently