Our offer

Our know-how ranges from (self-)leadership issues to conflict resolution, team development, and burnout prevention to sales & marketing and beyond. We even have specialists in our ranks for topics such as foreign assignments, EKS, CIP, and PR.


We offer pragmatical support in coaching, training, mediation, and advice on fair terms and conditions based on a profound and free coaching order clarification with an approach focused on the essentials and tailor-made to your individual and specific needs.


If you choose us as a coaching pool you'll get quick and easy access to a plurality of professional coaches with different know-how 'from one single source' in alignment with quality assurance, time-saving, and services efficiently processed via a framework contract! We would be happy to discuss the exact procedure in a free initial consultation.


The coaching offers can take place in the rooms of your company, in the spaces of the coach(es) you have selected, in a meeting room of a hotel, or (in the case of individual coaching) also by phone or other communication service providers to save time and cost. The details will be discussed together as part of the free order clarification.


Your investment for our services ranges between €260 and €160 per hour (plus VAT) by arrangement. And it is money well spent because studies show: that coaching is effective! Coaching improves productivity and job performance, time management, communication, collaboration, and self-confidence of employees and improves their relationships.