Mental Coaches

Christine Bandt

Business & Mental Coach, Theta Course Instructor, Kabbalist

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Born in 1967, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, French, English

Originally an interpreter and now mainly working as a coach (IHK), seminar leader and lecturer; partly active as senior staff in agile management and self-employed with an own seminar and coaching space; enjoys working with people, in groups and/or online.

Christian Braumandl

Intellectual Asset Management Expert

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Born in 1981, lives in Jockgrim (Rhineland-Palatinate), working language: German

Bank clerk, business economist (IHK), project manager (IHK), certified life Kinetik trainer; certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; professional business coach; employed in the customer area at a bank, since 2013 self-employed as a part-time coach and trainer 

Sonja Gäng

Business- & Team-Coach, Mental- & Laughter Yoga- Trainer

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Born in 1974, lives in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, working languages: German, English

Business coach IHK, mental trainer for adults and children, laughter yoga trainer, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; freelance coach since 2016; experience in team & individual coaching, seminars, workshops, lectures; focus of work: Team coaching - with ease and fun to new ideas

Ralf Kallenborn

Expert for finding meaning and reorientation at the end of your career

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Born in 1960, lives in Recklinghausen, working language German

Business administration diploma (FH), business coach (IHK), LifeCruise-Coach; member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); certified stress management and mindfulness trainer, meditation teacher; compliance manager in passive early retirement; part-time coach and trainer since 2018; Coaching focus: Finding meaning / finding the way of the heart, change processes & mindfulness

Claudia Kirst

Personal & Business Coach


Born in 1963, lives in Baden-Baden, working language: German

Business coach (IHK), project manager for trade fairs with almost 30 years of professional experience in trade fair organization and planning, project management, customer acquisition and support. Private: married, 2 daughters. What's important to me: family, nature, exchange with friends, feeling the life within, the sea is always an option. Coaching focus: mindfulness, personality development, reorientation, overcoming crises, use of resources, non-violent communication. Motto: paths are made by walking

Ute Linder

Bank Clerk & Business Coach

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Born in 1979, lives in Stutensee, working language: German

Banking specialist (IHK), trainer aptitude examination (IHK), business coach (IHK), Master of Arts in business coaching and change management; employed as a corporate customer advisor in a cooperative bank; since 2011 also self-employed as a business coach with a focus on change processes, stress management, relaxation techniques

Silvia Richter-Kaupp, MCC

Holistic Business Coach & Coach Trainer

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Born in 1967, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German and English

Business administration diploma FH, master certified coach (ICF), certified trainer for nonviolent communication, ThetaHealing instructor, mediator, therapist for integrated solution-oriented psychology, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; since 1997 self-employed as a coach, trainer and mediator, before that 11 years employed in sales and as HR manager; since 2006 lecturer at KIT and since 2008 trainer for business coaches; book author ('Business Coaching' / GABAL)

Dr. Silke Schäfer

Health Coach


Born in 1981, lives near Bruchsal, working languages: German and English

Doctorate in sports science in the field of health promotion; Restorative exercise specialist (Katy Bowman, USA) and business coach (IHK); lecturer at KIT, lecturer at a BG; Volunteer work: getting used to water for primary school children; Private: being outside - beekeeping, gardening, doing it yourself; self-employed since 2011 with exercise offers, seminars and coaching on health issues; I get people moving - internally and externally 😉