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Sabine Bergmeier

Business Coach for change processes

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Born in 1977, lives in Weingarten (Baden), working language: German

Part-time self-employed as a business coach (IHK), full-time employed for many years, HR department, employee support, personnel development, management training; Coaching personally & gladly outdoors, if you also like being in nature; I am active in sports and open to new things and have a wide range of interests; Coaching focus: professional/private changes, conflicts at work, next career step in sight - but you still feel in the fog, but feel like active and courageous change, then I would be happy to accompany you on your journey with distant vision - clarity - perspective; Motto: You can't change the wind, but you can set the sails differently.

Ramin Hummel, PCC

Business Coach & Consultant, Strategy & Communication Expert

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Born in 1966, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages German and English

Bank apprenticeship and law studies, business coach (IHK); since 2016 freelance coach and consultant, intensive consultant Cyberforum, honorary lecturer Bildungsakademie Karlsruhe; previously senior positions in corporate development, marketing and communications, including 6 years in the USA and Malta; Focus of work: personal and professional development of potential, change processes; Motto: There is always a way!

Anna-Lena Kimmig, ACC

Business Coach

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Born in 1985, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, English
Business coach IHK, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; Part-time self-employed as a business coach, full-time as a consultant (Global Mobility); executive, skier, runner, bookworm, travel enthusiast, adventurous; but sometimes also moody, lazy, stubborn and foremost 'just' human. Coaching focus: a wish for change, that comes to the surface in a professional context, but can also be of private nature.

Carina Kunz

Business Coach

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Born in 1985, lives in Malsch (near Karlsruhe), working languages: German, English

Part-time business coach (IHK) and head of training & further education in my main job. Human Resources executive with experience in industries such as food manufacturing, retail, engineering and IT. No matter what you are looking for, I want to help you finding 'it'. Whether this is your dream job or your strengths, the handle for a certain situation or a blockade - professionally and privately. I'll support you in your search and help you to reach your goal faster.

Volker Molthan



Born in 1960, lives in Königsbach-Stein, working language: German

Graduate economist with a second degree in environmental sciences, controller diploma, safety specialist, health manager, business coach (IHK); 25 years of professional experience in the areas of controlling, accounting and finance; for 10 years safety specialist, environmental, waste and hazardous substances officer as well as political consulting / lobbying and association work in an international industrial company; honorary tasks in nature and environmental protection, political and NGO association work, management of children's groups and children's holiday programs and the care of refugees

Dagmar Penz

Business Coach, Mediator, Executive

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Born in 1974, lives in Pfinztal, working language: German

Book trade manager, many years of management experience, head of controlling in a mobility group; freelance part-time coach, mediator, trainer; Focus: recognizing and solving internal and external conflicts, taking the lead and staying relaxed and happy there, finding and going your own way, solving conflicts in teams and groups

Katja Pernesch

Coach for Stress Management and Change Processes

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Born in 1972, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German

Graduate designer (FH), business coach (IHK); member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); Stress management trainer and mindfulness trainer for meditation and stress management; organization and management of a medium-sized company for 6 years; since 2015 also coach in own practice; before that 11 years in the IT industry; initially 7 years self-employed as a jewelry designer; many years of experience in the areas of business management, personnel and training management

Masoumeh Saki-Bohlender, ACC

Business Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German & Persian

Graduate industrial engineer at the University of Karlsruhe, business coach (IHK); enthusiastically working as a coach since 2018 ;) - before that 10 years working in IT (development, quality management, project management)

Monika von Manteuffel, ACC

Business Coach & Trainer



Born in 1982, lives in Ettlingen, working languages: German and English

Part-time self-employed as a business coach, full-time employed as a career & talent consultant in human resources management at an international IT and consulting company; Trainer at UCN; Degree in business administration in European Business Administration (EBS), business coach IHK. Coaching focus: personality development, management development and team development, change processes, conflicts, communication and cooperation

Veronika Stamos

Potential Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Ladenburg, working languages: German and English

Business coach IHK, bank clerk, graduate industrial engineer; many years of experience in international companies of all sizes and in different positions; Working as a coach with a focus on: connecting people with their true potential and finding solutions with them, to live this in everyday life

Dr. Helmut Wächter

Coach & Moderator


Born in 1963, lives in Stuttgart and Neustadt/Weinstrasse, working languages: German, English

Certified business coach (IHK), computer scientist and business economist (University of Stuttgart), voluntary pastor (KESS); many years of experience as a project manager and IT architect for a world market leader as well as in design thinking and strategy development in the non-profit sector; Passion: Coaching teams, moderating workshops, listening to & playing music; Motto: master professional and private challenges more confidently