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Sabine Bergmeier

Business Coach for change processes

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Born in 1977, lives in Weingarten (Baden), working language: German

Part-time self-employed as a business coach (IHK), full-time employed for many years, HR department, employee support, personnel development, management training; Coaching personally & gladly outdoors, if you also like being in nature; I am active in sports and open to new things and have a wide range of interests; Coaching focus: professional/private changes, conflicts at work, next career step in sight - but you still feel in the fog, but feel like active and courageous change, then I would be happy to accompany you on your journey with distant vision - clarity - perspective; Motto: You can't change the wind, but you can set the sails differently.

Ramin Hummel, PCC

Business Coach & Consultant, Strategy & Communication Expert

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Born in 1966, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages German and English

Bank apprenticeship and law studies, business coach (IHK); since 2016 freelance coach and consultant, intensive consultant Cyberforum, honorary lecturer Bildungsakademie Karlsruhe; previously senior positions in corporate development, marketing and communications, including 6 years in the USA and Malta; Focus of work: personal and professional development of potential, change processes; Motto: There is always a way!

Anna-Lena Kimmig, ACC

Business Coach

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Born in 1985, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, English
Business coach IHK, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; Part-time self-employed as a business coach, full-time as a consultant (Global Mobility); executive, skier, runner, bookworm, travel enthusiast, adventurous; but sometimes also moody, lazy, stubborn and foremost 'just' human. Coaching focus: a wish for change, that comes to the surface in a professional context, but can also be of private nature.

Carina Kunz

Business Coach

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Born in 1985, lives in Malsch (near Karlsruhe), working languages: German, English

Part-time business coach (IHK) and head of training & further education in my main job. Human Resources executive with experience in industries such as food manufacturing, retail, engineering and IT. No matter what you are looking for, I want to help you finding 'it'. Whether this is your dream job or your strengths, the handle for a certain situation or a blockade - professionally and privately. I'll support you in your search and help you to reach your goal faster.

Volker Molthan



Born in 1960, lives in Königsbach-Stein, working language: German

Graduate economist with a second degree in environmental sciences, controller diploma, safety specialist, health manager, business coach (IHK); 25 years of professional experience in the areas of controlling, accounting and finance; for 10 years safety specialist, environmental, waste and hazardous substances officer as well as political consulting / lobbying and association work in an international industrial company; honorary tasks in nature and environmental protection, political and NGO association work, management of children's groups and children's holiday programs and the care of refugees

Dr. Hartmut Mueller

Personalberater & Leadership Coach

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Born in 1964, lives in Stuttgart, working languages: German and English

Studied business administration and pedagogy with subsequent research in personnel and organizational development, business coach IHK, member of the ICF. Many years of experience in PE & OE as well as in the management of national and international companies. In executive search since 2008 and part-time coach since 2022. Focus: Management development and identification of potential, implementation of management audits, professional reorientation: Motto: I always want the best and that's why I give my best. (Erich J Lejeune)

Katja Pernesch

Coach for Stress Management and Change Processes

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Born in 1972, lives in Karlsruhe, working language: German

Graduate designer (FH), business coach (IHK); member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); Stress management trainer and mindfulness trainer for meditation and stress management; organization and management of a medium-sized company for 6 years; since 2015 also coach in own practice; before that 11 years in the IT industry; initially 7 years self-employed as a jewelry designer; many years of experience in the areas of business management, personnel and training management

Masoumeh Saki-Bohlender, ACC

Business Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German & Persian

Graduate industrial engineer at the University of Karlsruhe, business coach (IHK); enthusiastically working as a coach since 2018 ;) - before that 10 years working in IT (development, quality management, project management)

Monika von Manteuffel, ACC

Business Coach & Trainer

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Born in 1982, lives in Ettlingen, working languages: German and English

Part-time self-employed as a business coach, full-time employed as a career & talent consultant in human resources management at an international IT and consulting company; Trainer at UCN; Degree in business administration in European Business Administration (EBS), business coach IHK. Coaching focus: personality development, management development and team development, change processes, conflicts, communication and cooperation

Dr. Helmut Wächter

Coach & Moderator


Born in 1963, lives in Stuttgart and Neustadt/Weinstrasse, working languages: German, English

Certified business coach (IHK), computer scientist and business economist (University of Stuttgart), voluntary pastor (KESS); many years of experience as a project manager and IT architect for a world market leader as well as in design thinking and strategy development in the non-profit sector; Passion: Coaching teams, moderating workshops, listening to & playing music; Motto: master professional and private challenges more confidently