Communication Coaches

Gerold Braun

Sales Coach

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Born in 1959, lives in Böchingen (Palatinate), working languages: German and English

Graduate mathematician, metal worker; since 2000 self-employed as a consultant, trainer, coach in sales and direct marketing; before that managing director, marketing manager and technical sales in large corporations and medium-sized companies; Technical book author at Gabler and GABAL; since 2008 co-trainer for business coaches (focus: marketing yourself and win clients)

Udo Brunner

Values - Dignity - Change

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Born in 1961, lives in Bruchsal, working language: German

Business coach IHK, CNVC certified trainer for nonviolent communication, mediator, certified scrum master, quality manager, project manager, auditor, mechanical engineer; since 2010 self-employed as a business coach, trainer, lecturer, consultant and mediator in daycare centers, schools, companies, organizations, authorities; before that 30 years employed in mechanical engineering - 13 years in management positions as quality and project manager and department head. Living and working with dignity on the basis of values and needs, allowing, promoting and being this change - that's what I call change.

Corinna Frauenfeld, PCC

Personal Coach 

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Born in 1981, lives in Sandhausen, working languages: German, English

Industrial economist, business coach, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; coach & trainer transformation / reorientation, internal. professional experience in global purchasing & project management, as an alliance manager, in process and change management, board officer, management of virtual teams; freelance coach; Coaching focus: personal growth, (self)leadership, change processes, inner work

Sonja Gäng, ACC

Business- & Team-Coach, Mental- & Laughter Yoga- Trainer

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Born in 1974, lives in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, working languages: German, English

Business coach IHK, mental trainer for adults and children, laughter yoga trainer, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; freelance coach since 2016; experience in team & individual coaching, seminars, workshops, lectures; focus of work: Team coaching - with ease and fun to new ideas

Carola Theodora Glaser

Life- & Business Coach, Communication Trainer


Born in 1968, living near Neuwied/ Koblenz, working languages: German, English

Diploma social pedagogue, master of arts (M.A.) education and media; eEducation, seminar leader, communication trainer, examiner, auditor (personnel development & qualification), business coach IHK. Since June 2021 self-employed as a systemic coach and communication trainer for (fellow) people in life & business. Coaching and seminars with a retreat atmosphere; Change of perspective with ease. Motto: heart over head together on the way from desire to goal! Training & coaching in presence & online, indoor & outdoor

Sara Hoolachan

Coaching & Communication

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Born in 1986, lives in Stuttgart, working languages: German, English, Italian, Dutch

Master of Arts (M.A.) in personal & general management (DHBW), business coach IHK, communication trainer; many years of experience in international corporations in personnel and organizational development, training management, HR business partner, management & team development, implementation of transformation processes; part-time business coach and communication trainer. My passion is the development of people, teams and organizations. I support people in recognizing their potential, developing it and using it successfully.

Ellen Hornung, ACC

Leadership & Team Coach, Communication & Change Consultant, Moderator

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Born in 1978, lives in Stutensee, working languages: German, English, Dutch

International business management & European studies, business coach (IHK); since 2019 self-employed as a process consultant, moderator and coach for teams and individuals in large international corporations; several years of experience in international marketing, organizational development and project and process consulting in an intercultural environment in large international corporations; Experience abroad in Belgium and the USA; Focus: Team and leadership development, change processes, communication and collaboration.

Claudia Kirst

Personal & Business Coach


Born in 1963, lives in Baden-Baden, working language: German

Business coach (IHK), project manager for trade fairs with almost 30 years of professional experience in trade fair organization and planning, project management, customer acquisition and support. Private: married, 2 daughters. What's important to me: family, nature, exchange with friends, feeling the life within, the sea is always an option. Coaching focus: mindfulness, personality development, reorientation, overcoming crises, use of resources, non-violent communication. Motto: paths are made by walking

Wolfgang Kreisz


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Born in 1962, lives in Tübingen, working languages German and English

Graduate engineer (GB), graduate lawyer, certified systemic coach and business coach, communication trainer; trainer and coach for (new and junior) managers in smaller SMEs / Trade, GAK personnel development, GAK employee management, GAK team vitalizing, corporate coaching

Daniela Kunkel

Systemic consulting and business coaching - creative thinking

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Born in 1963, lives in Berlin, working languages: German, English

Graduate in communications from the Berlin University of the Arts, systemic consulting at the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau Consulting and coaching as a part-time job, employed as a communication trainer and coach in the health sector. Many years of experience in the cultural and creative industries, in the automotive industry, administration and science. Enthusiasm for art, communication, design and creativity. Focus: Systemic support of change processes, transition coaching, development of potential, further development for cultural workers

Carina Kunz

Business Coach

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Born in 1985, lives in Malsch (near Karlsruhe), working languages: German, English

Part-time business coach (IHK) and head of training & further education in my main job. Human Resources executive with experience in industries such as food manufacturing, retail, engineering and IT. No matter what you are looking for, I want to help you finding 'it'. Whether this is your dream job or your strengths, the handle for a certain situation or a blockade - professionally and privately. I'll support you in your search and help you to reach your goal faster.

Martina Mayer, ACC

Life & Relationship Coach, Systemic Therapist and Counselor

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Born in 1981, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, French

Graduate social worker (FH), systemic therapist/ consultant (SG), business coach (IHK). Employed in a counseling center for marriage, family and life issues. Part-time self-employed as a coach, systemic therapist & consultant, university lecturer, freelance speaker. Focus: interpersonal relationships, love & partnership, communication, personal growth. People who want to make their lives fulfilling and have happy relationships. Motto: A fulfilled life consists of good relationships.

Masoumeh Saki-Bohlender, ACC

Business Coach

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Born in 1975, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German & Persian

Graduate industrial engineer at the University of Karlsruhe, business coach (IHK); enthusiastically working as a coach since 2018 ;) - before that 10 years working in IT (development, quality management, project management)