Life Coaches

Christine Bandt

Business & Mental Coach, Theta Course Instructor, Kabbalist

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Born in 1967, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, French, English

Originally an interpreter and now mainly working as a coach (IHK), seminar leader and lecturer; partly active as senior staff in agile management and self-employed with an own seminar and coaching space; enjoys working with people, in groups and/or online.

Sabine Bergmeier

Business Coach for change processes

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Born in 1977, lives in Weingarten (Baden), working language: German

Part-time self-employed as a business coach (IHK), full-time employed for many years, HR department, employee support, personnel development, management training; Coaching personally & gladly outdoors, if you also like being in nature; I am active in sports and open to new things and have a wide range of interests; Coaching focus: professional/private changes, conflicts at work, next career step in sight - but you still feel in the fog, but feel like active and courageous change, then I would be happy to accompany you on your journey with distant vision - clarity - perspective; Motto: You can't change the wind, but you can set the sails differently.

Claudia Blacha

Business Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator & Systemic Consultant

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Born in 1965, lives in Bern/Switzerland, working languages: German and English

Musicpedagogue (M.A.), business coach (IHK), systemic consultant for organizational development and change management, certified coach for expressive Arts; 20 years employed in knowledge management in publishing and IT industry; since 2015 self-employed as a business coach, specialized in art and expression-oriented methods in individual coaching and groups

Christian Braumandl

Intellectual Asset Management Expert

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Born in 1981, lives in Jockgrim (Rhineland-Palatinate), working language: German

bank clerk, business economist (IHK), project manager (IHK), certified life kinetik trainer; certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; professional business coach; employed in the customer area at a bank, since 2013 self-employed as a part-time coach and trainer

Corinna Frauenfeld, PCC

Personal Coach 

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Born in 1981, lives in Sandhausen, working languages: German, English

Industrial economist, business coach, certified LPP (Personality Profiler) coach; coach & trainer transformation / reorientation, internal. professional experience in global purchasing & project management, as an alliance manager, in process and change management, board officer, management of virtual teams; freelance coach; Coaching focus: personal growth, (self)leadership, change processes, inner work

Carola Theodora Glaser

Life- & Business Coach, Communication Trainer


Born in 1968, living near Neuwied/ Koblenz, working languages: German, English

Diploma social pedagogue, Master of Arts (M.A.) education and media; eEducation, seminar leader, communication trainer, examiner, auditor (personnel development & qualification), business coach IHK. Since June 2021 self-employed as a systemic coach and communication trainer for (fellow) people in life & business. Coaching and seminars with a retreat atmosphere; Change of perspective with ease. Motto: heart over head together on the way from desire to goal! Training & coaching in presence & online, indoor & outdoor

Marliese Iselin

Coach, Organizational Consultant, Gerontologist

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Best Ager, living in Teningen (South Baden), working language German

Gerontologist (FH), business coach (IHK), REFA teacher and organizer; further training in mediation, quality management, work and personnel organization, systemic coaching, biography work; self-employed since 1983, before that 12 years in a management position in service management; 15 years of development and implementation of specialist seminars as a member of the REFA specialist committee; teaching activity in vocational education

Antonija Ivkovic 

Holistic Healing Coach

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Born in 1984, lives in Gernsbach, working languages: German, English, Croatian, Bosnian

Holistic Business Coach IHK, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Writing Therapist, Somatic Practice Neuro Safety Spaceholder, RTH Foundation Cert. in Hypnotherapy, Human Design Coach, M.A. English Studies and Philosophy. Professional: Coach, integration manager, manager. Private: you can find me by the sea with a book in my hand and my feet in the sand. Coaching focus: inner and energetic healing, body-mind-soul balance, personal growth, change and increase in awareness through dream-sensitive & holistic methods, trauma and identity, thought and behavior patterns, migration and integration. Motto: The only constant is change.

Ralf Kallenborn 

Expert for finding meaning and reorientation at the end of your career

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Born in 1960, lives in Recklinghausen, working language German

Business administration diploma (FH), business coach (IHK), LifeCruise-Coach; member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF); certified stress management and mindfulness trainer, meditation teacher; compliance manager in passive early retirement; part-time coach and trainer since 2018; Coaching focus: Finding meaning / finding the way of the heart, change processes & mindfulness

Claudia Kirst

Personal & Business Coach


Born in 1963, lives in Baden-Baden, working language: German

Business Coach (IHK), project manager for trade fairs with almost 30 years of professional experience in trade fair organization and planning, project management, customer acquisition and support. Private: married, 2 daughters. What's important to me: family, nature, exchange with friends, feeling the life within, the sea is always an option. Coaching focus: mindfulness, personality development, reorientation, overcoming crises, use of resources, non-violent communication. Motto: paths are made by walking

Martina Mayer, ACC

Life & Relationship Coach, Systemic Therapist and Counselor

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Born in 1981, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German, French

Graduate social worker (FH), systemic therapist/ consultant (SG), business coach (IHK). Employed in a counseling center for marriage, family and life issues. Part-time self-employed as a coach, systemic therapist & consultant, university lecturer, freelance speaker. Focus: interpersonal relationships, love & partnership, communication, personal growth. People who want to make their lives fulfilling and have happy relationships. Motto: A fulfilled life consists of good relationships.

Volker Molthan



Born in 1960, lives in Königsbach-Stein, working language: German

Graduate economist with a second degree in environmental sciences, controller diploma, safety specialist, health manager, business coach (IHK); 25 years of professional experience in the areas of controlling, accounting and finance; for 10 years safety specialist, environmental, waste and hazardous substances officer as well as political consulting / lobbying and association work in an international industrial company; honorary tasks in nature and environmental protection, political and NGO association work, management of children's groups and children's holiday programs and the care of refugees

Dr. Silke Schäfer

Health Coach


Born in 1981, lives near Bruchsal, working languages: German and English

Doctorate in sports science in the field of health promotion; restorative exercise specialist (Katy Bowman, USA) and business coach (IHK); lecturer at KIT, lecturer at a BG; Volunteer work: getting used to water for primary school children; Private: being outside - beekeeping, gardening, doing it yourself; self-employed since 2011 with exercise offers, seminars and coaching on health issues; I get people moving - internally and externally 😉

Yvonne Schmitz

IHK Business Coach, certified Mediator

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Born in 1971, lives in Speyer, working languages: German and English

Industrial clerk, business graduate, business coach IHK, certified mediator, further training in Facereading and ThetaHealing®; Professional experience in marketing, licensing, communication and negotiation in large companies; Since 2017 self-employed as a coach, mediator and trainer. Focus: Empowerment, recognizing your own strengths and finding your way; Recognizing and solving conflicts in teams; design of change processes. I am enthusiastic about working out clarity and solutions with my clients - for more ease in life!

Nadine Schwarz, PCC

Transformation & Development of Potential

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Born 1984, lives in Rastatt, working languages: German and English

Self-employed as a transformation coach for teams and individuals, especially in corporations; Speaker for topics in the field of potential development, self-management and woman empowerment; several years of experience as a classic project manager and agile coach in large corporations; also passionate fitness trainer and salsa dancer; Coaching focus: team development, change processes, personality development

Axel Tams

Personal & Business Coach


Born in 1969, lives in Lengnau AG/Switzerland, working language: German an English
Main job is a key account manager in the field of renewable energies, part-time job as a coach to support an increase of life energy. I help to open up new life energy sources and to eliminate sinks. The coaching can also take place outdoors while moving around.

Christina Wenskus

Personal Coach 

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Born in 1990, lives in Karlsruhe, working languages: German

Business Coach (IHK) and hypnosis coach, part-time self-employed as a personal coach, full-time as a manager in insurance sales, private: bookworm and further education junkie, close to nature and fond of animals, coaching focus: decision-making, reorientation both professionally and privately, letting go of blockages, fears and beliefs and overcome. My motto: You already know the solution, you just don't know it yet.